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CWS/CMS Bulletin - Release 6.6 Information (60 Day Reminder)

Date: 2/29/2012
Title: Release 6.6 Information (60 Day Reminder)
What is Impacted: CWS/CMS Application
Describe Impact:

CWS/CMS Release 6.6 will go to production on April 28, 2012.

The CWS/CMS Application Release Notes 6.6 can be located behind County Logon:

  1. County Info>Count Logon>Code Release Secure Site>Release 6.6
  2. Training>Online Training Center>User Guide>Training Guide

The following information will be posted on the CWS/CMS website behind County Logon>Code Release Secure Site> Release 6.6>Database Changes:  

  1. R6.6 Data Structure Changes
  2. Business Objects Mappings (will be available in early April)
  3. The Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) will be available in early April

The new version of xTools will be available in early April.

Since this is a major release, the CWS/CMS code tables will be refreshed.  With R6.6, there are data elements being added to the database that will affect the data extracts used by the following seven (7) PM reports.  As a result, these extracts will need to be converted to accommodate the new extract layout.  After the new extract layout is converted, the counties will be able to run historical reports back one year only (to April 28, 2011).  In addition, there will be a period of time when the reports will not be available because the extract will not be available for immediate use on April 28, 2012 when we go live.  However, within 30 days of implementation (by the end of May), one year of extracts will be converted to the R6.6 format/layout for seven (7) PM Reports.

Prior to R6.6, the counties can run these reports on historical data back for approx. 7-10 years.  If counties want historical data on these reports (beyond one year), they will need to run them before April 28, 2012.

The following is the list of PM Report extracts and the number of extract files that will be converted based on the frequency of each PM Report.


Frequency and # of Extract Files

FCI544 – Children in Foster Care Status in Order of County Caseload Size

Quarterly - 4

FCI561 – FM/FR/PP Begin of Month, Starts, Terms, End, And Average Case Months

Monthly - 12

PMAGEDIS – Age Distribution By Service Component: Active and Terminated Cases

Monthly and Yearly - 13

PMCOWPC – Investigated Referrals and Cases Opened During Period with Prior Referrals or Cases

Yearly - 12

PMCSGOAL – Case Plan Goal Characteristics

Yearly - 12

PMGEL – Gender, Ethnicity, & Language of Case Children

Monthly and Yearly - 13

PMREABUS – Subsequent Reports of Abuse on Active Cases

Monthly and Yearly - 13

Release 6.6 is a “major” release, and therefore has some important features common to all major releases:


Full install package:
The CWS/CMS application will be delivered via a full installation package, as opposed to the incremental updates used for interim/minor releases.  Most users will see the installation process as described in the Installing CWS/CMS Releases on Your PC – A Guide for End Users located at CWS/CMS>Guides>Code Release Install Guides.  (Some “coexistent” counties may deliver the application in a way that doesn’t expose the installation process visibly to the user.)

The first Windows logon may be slower than usual.
In dedicated counties, as well as many coexistent counties, the large installation package is copied from the server to the workstation during Windows logon, before installation.  Users should be aware that this file transfer can take a long time, particularly in remote sites, and they should not abort the login process.  If they do abort the process, they will receive the following error message when attempting to install the new release:
“It appears that this workstation does not have the current installer file.  Please restart your workstation, and allow the login script to run completely.”


Coexistent county responsibilities:

  • Consider Windows privileges.
    The CWS/CMS installer requires elevated Windows privileges (power user or workstation administrator).  If a county chooses to limit the Windows privileges of its users, then that county needs advanced planning to customize its installation process and deal with the reduced privilege level.
  • Sync county server with CWS/CMS server meticulously.
    Some coexistent counties deliver CWS/CWS releases (both major and minor) from their own servers.  These counties must be sure to replicate the necessary folders from the CWS/CMS server — including file deletions — to avoid down-leveling their workstations.

    Failure to mirror the deletions can necessitate a countywide reinstallation effort.
  • Post-release refresh of base code tables:
    On the weekend of a major release, a small base code table refresh normally occurs after the outage has ended.  Coexistent counties need to replicate these files to their servers before the majority of their users log on the following week.

    Failure to replicate these files can make the database run slower for all users statewide.  Your county can negatively affect other counties in this way.

When: Saturday, April 28, 2012
Start Time: TBD
End Time: TBD
Duration: TBD

Who is Impacted: All CWS/CMS Users
Why: New code delivery

Contact Name: Ben Ampong
Contact Email: Ben.ampong@osi.ca.gov
Contact Phone: (916) 263-5639